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    Blackjack is the most practiced gambling in Italy, followed by slot machines and roulette, check here
    Buy propecia uk cheapViagra prescription onlineOnline pharmacy degrees canadaViagra pills online canadaBuy prednisone tablets casino bonus senza deposito all bonus about online casino. It born in France in the seventeenth century, where he initially was called Vingt-et-un, which literally means 21, taking a cue from stronger score achievable. He had a significant success among the nobility and the upper middle class and is documented that he was one of the favorite games from the famous Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Was then exported to the New World, where he changed his name to BlackJack, because realizing the 21 points with a Jack and an Ace of Spades, the bank paid a premium of 10 times the bet. This rule was later removed from the game but was kept the name.

    There are several reasons why this game has been able to maintain unchanged its success over time. Certainly weighed much of its simplicity, it can allow even a novice to get to play in a few minutes, but his popularity has been further helped by the stories about some safe ways to win at BlackJack, no longer applicable today , who found space in several films, that have cleared through customs this game worldwide. E ‘recently built the film “21” that was able to give new life to a game that in any case it is to be together with Roulette, an evergreen of the casino classic games.

    BlackJack is spoken everywhere and they also talk a lot on the Internet, especially after the widespread introduction of the online casino. However, there is no specialized Italian site and quality for blackjack, explaining in detail the rules of the game, outlining the most common and the most advanced strategies, to make available a calendar of tournaments, what advice impartially where play online and at live blackjack blackjack. In the new Italian Tretinoin cream usp retino aDapoxetine canadaOver the counter viagra irelandViagra for sale fast shippingDapoxetine online casino online bonus with AAMS license can play as and when you want to blackjack in all its variations and forms.

    This is why we at Italy Blackjack, for years of professional blackjack players seeds, we decided to open a site whose main objective is to introduce the game in depth and help new players in the understanding of all aspects of this great classic casino. Our goal is to teach the fans of this game, not only the fundamentals, but techniques and strategies to win at Blackjack, that can help the practitioner to become a winning player, even over the long term.

    the Black Jack Online in Italy

    Blackjack is considered by most experts as the casino game that offers the best chance of winning, because the dealer has the lowest percentage of advantage over the player than any of the other games. This has been proven mathematically and are the blackjack tables were drawn – tables of basic strategy – which, if followed to the letter, decrease in net so your percentage of disadvantage compared to the casino. This feature, which from a superficial analysis might seem a very favorable point for the player, in reality often turns into a great danger, especially for beginners. It is not difficult for a novice player may be able to also conclude several positive sessions in succession, despite not having the technical mastery of the game. If this should happen to you, do not confuse a particularly fortunate moment, with the conviction that they have become the axis of the BlackJack, or it may take you to raise the stakes beyond your means and make you lose all that you won in less than no time.

    If you really want to learn how to win at Blackjack, you have now available on our site all the tools that can serve you. You just have to arm yourself with patience, desire to learn and practice, you can do online in the demo versions of the game, thanks to which you can work out without having to invest a penny.

    No need to linger over. Continue reading our pages one by one and make them your: we are certain that the BlackJack will repay you with much satisfaction. For a few years we are witnessing the expansion of the popularity of the legal BlackJack on the Internet (what we promote), a phenomenon that is becoming social reach, thanks to the entry in the Italian market in legal casino with AAMS license, which allow all Italians keen to take part in the game on safe and legal platforms, constantly controlled by state monopolies.

    What’s the origin of the enormous success that the BlackJack is getting even on online platforms?

    Here are the factors that we believe are driving more and more players in Italy and in the world to choose the online version that live:

    1)Comfort of playing from home – The online BlackJack does not force players to face the huge travel costs undergone by each customer of the terrestrial casino. In short, the only money they need only to reach the live card room, there will be enough to play our online session. A big saving, do not you think?
    2)Time to decide the moves – No dealer or impatient player to rush to complete your game. Online you can take as long as you think necessary to make a decision and this will be very important, especially when you stay by trying a new game plan and you will quite rightly the need to reason a few moments more before acting.
    3) Minimum bets for all budgets – For many people live BlackJack is unapproachable because of excessively high bets, preferring give up playing, rather than being to commit sums of money to the game that are not able to afford. Online minimum bets are a few cents and therefore able to adapt to the needs of the pockets of any player.
    4) Availability of several blackjack variants – To make the game more interesting further, online have been developed new variants, to further increase the fun. First of all the live online BlackJack, in which the dealer in the flesh gives life to the game taken from cameras that broadcast the game within the game software, from which the player can interact by making their bets. This variant is one of the most loved by Italian players, who confronted a human being, able to overcome the skepticism placed towards the online game.
    5) Time to process systems and strategies of a certain value – Apply a special strategy to win at Blackjack, is not easy, especially when there will be found to apply it the first few times. No one will try to put online quickly and so you can practice your peace.

    As mentioned, reach a land based casino can be very expensive, especially if you think that in Italy all four terrestrial casinos are in the North and for a citizen resident centrosud, the idea of leaving home for the sole purpose of going playing at the casino, it is almost insane.

    That’s for all these people the advent of legal online casino, it has been a blessing. A few clicks and everything will be at your fingertips and you can play BlackJack without losing a precious moment of life and above all with the certainty that every single penny that you will succeed to cash, will be won and not some sort of recovery of expenses.

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    The best way to start playing online is to use the many casino bonuses that are present in the most important platforms. This is the first step to start playing safely in the best online casino promotions. Thanks to the many online guides will be able to always find the best offers at any time and this will ensure you can enjoy a great level of welcome bonus and then start your adventure online that you could turn to the best of your life. Nowadays the casino bonus that all crave are easily detectable and usable.

    The welcome bonus is the best way I have found to the casinos attract new players on their platforms and the result looks really great quality. In fact all of them are attracted by the opportunity to enjoy a bonus match, maybe 100 or 200% on their first deposit. This means that depending on what the player deposit, the casino will equal that amount in bonuses. Obviously it is usually place a maximum limit on the amount that can be deposited and with which you can enjoy this amazing casino bonus. The magnitude of this sum varies so much great from casino to casino.

    Playing at an online casino has become a habit for many people and do it while enjoying a welcome bonus among the best to be found anywhere online is definitely a great idea. Dates then take a careful look at what is offered there on the Net, and so you can find easily the best casino bonuses present in the moment. Obviously the most popular casinos are usually the ones that offer the most generous bonuses, but do not forget to also check out the newly arrived Italian brand in the market because very often to entice players to sign up offer some amazing promotions.

    If you have a bit ‘of experience in the world of online casinos certainly you know how to move to find the best opportunities, but if you have no experience in this regard will not be complex to find what you are looking for. The casino bonuses are in fact simple and immediate and fully understand what it is you will not have to do is read the terms and conditions of use of the same. The online casino bonus that will lure more usually are the ones from figure larger and then point to start your career online in the best way thanks to the offers that are often missed.

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    In this day and age, many parents are plagued by their children’s video game addiction. It just seems like there is no way to get their child to get off the computer or console anymore. Parents must take a more pro-active role that should also be pre-emptive. It is important not to make video games the villain, as they are fun and useful ways to pass time that have actually shown to improve a child’s problem solving abilities. The key point must be moderation and not abstinence. It is also of prime importance that there are alternate sources of entertainment so that the children do not lose out on valuable play time.

    Here are a few important reasons why traditional games are useful to tackle video game addiction.

    1. Traditional games are good exercise

    These games generally involve running or jumping or some kind of physical activity, since traditional games were made before the age of sedentary entertainment. Exercise benefits your child in a lot of ways, and keeps him/her active and healthy. It also improves athletic ability and stamina. Exercise has also long been associated with the development of cognitive function, meaning your child will be smarter.

    2. Traditional games help keep culture alive

    In many ways, traditional games are culturally influenced and vary from place to place. They may involve singing traditional songs, or certain practices that have very deep cultural roots. Children should grow up and be able to associate their childhood with where and who they grew up with. It is important for there to be some kind of cultural totem in their childhood so that they have a sense of pride for their homeland.

    3. These games provide social contact.

    Traditional games are often played in groups. Children grow up playing these games with their neighbors, friends and family and these games create bonds and social understanding that is critical for success in life. Computer games don’t involve as much social contact so it is better to have some social component in your child’s playtime.

    4. These games can be played anywhere.

    Traditional games are easy to play and can be played almost anywhere. In most cases they do not require any toys or items and even if they are necessary they are inexpensive compared to consoles and games. The only thing necessary for these games is people to play them with and a space in which to play them

    As you can see from the above mentioned facts, there is a definite advantage to be had by introducing your child to traditional games. These games are timeless and almost always fun because they draw on the imagination and energy that is present in nearly all children.

    Remember that while video games can be bad if played too much, they are not necessarily always bad if they are playboy licensed products. Moderation is the key. Tempered with the regular playing of traditional games, buy board games online to improve your children’s cognitive function and problem solving abilities.

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